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Stacey, Owner/Artist

What is my role? I am the tired one.

I design and run this website, deal with social media, come up with new ideas, create them, photograph them, advertise and sell them, package them and ship them out. Oh and Chief, Cook and Bottle Washer around the home. And I have never been happier.

Meet The Team


Freckles, the Annoyed one. 

Freckles used to love living here. Then we brought home Bobbie. Now our cat is always on the move. She still joins me in studio to watch me paint, but I think it's cause the dog won't come down the stairs - yet. 


Bobbie, the Annoying one. 

Bobbie is our new puppy. She hasn't yet found the end of her energy. She loves chewing, barking and all the things puppies love to do -

especially chasing squirrels and the cat. 

Starting with hand painted glasses and influenced by her love of nature, Stacey's work is designed and  painted by hand, in

Cambridge, Ontario, Canada. Painted Snowflakes has expanded to include complimentary items, unique, interesting gifts

and décor. And if you're looking for custom wedding candles ...


       Stacey enjoys collaborating with people by email and on phone to create the custom work they have been dreaming of.

Whether it be hand painted glasses to match a wedding bouquet or recreating a favorite flower onto a compost pail,

she  is ready to paint it for you. 

"Painted Snowflakes, is recognized as a brand that offers hand painted glasses throughout Canada and around  the world.

Recently, Painted Snowflakes placed in the top 5% of painted glass sellers in




Snowflakes are a true wonder of nature. They may look alike at first glance, but each one holds its own unique beauty. Similarly, my work may seem identical to some, but upon closer inspection, it becomes clear that each piece is one-of-a-kind, just like a snowflake.


"Autism shook me to the core when my elder son was diagnosed 25 years ago. Autism comes with a complex set of identifying traits. Surprisingly, twin siblings can have two different 'forms' of autism. "Snowflakes" is a tribute to my heroes living with Autism Spectrum Disorder, every day facing things we couldn't dream of."


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